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We are an award-winning independent publishing and literacy consulting company, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, that helps teach the world to read.  We motivate children, support parents, and inspire fellow educators and readers of all ages to feel more confident and competent in reading and writing. We invite you to share your story with us or request a literacy consultation for your school community. Email us today at info@creativemindspublications.com


Creative Minds Publications has worked with organizations such as NFL, NFL Alumni, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, University of Chicago, VCU AmeriCorps, and PBS Kids to foster a love of reading at the elementary school level.  This literacy based educational company is a leader in providing urban educators with the tools and techniques to ensure academic reading success for their students.

Kathryn Starke, a national literacy consultant, started the company in 2005 in Richmond, Virginia, initially to promote her first book entitled Amy's Travels.  She has expanded her company to work with elementary school teachers and educational leaders nationwide to understand how to implement best practices in literacy.  With Kathryn's teaching experience in urban school systems, she sees first hand that all children can learn to read when provided with quality literacy instruction.  Kathryn works with fellow educators, organizations, and corporations to promote reading through books, projects, events, and creative initiatives.

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A Touchdown in Reading: An Educator’s Guide to Literacy Instruction

by Kathryn Starke

A Touchdown in Reading is a resource that provides educators with the step by step guidance to teach reading and writing through small group and whole group instruction. This book provides lesson plans, activities, and graphic organizers to meet every single child on his or her own reading journey. The innovative and instructional approaches in this educational resource can be easily implemented into your classroom. It is a recommended resource in elementary school districts and in colleges and universities around the country.


by Kathryn Starke

Tackle Reading is a resource that motivates children, supports parents, and inspires teachers and fellow educators to love literacy. This book contains stories written by NFL players, celebrities, and authors who are passionate about reading education. It also includes pieces, lesson plans, activities, and guidance provided by literacy leaders, educators, and organizations dedicated to improve literacy instruction for all children.

  • Partner with the NFL and NFL Alumni to present the annual Tackle Reading event, a philanthropic literacy event sponsored by Dr. Seuss Enterprises
  • Thousands of copies donated to inner-city elementary schools nationwide thanks to charitable giving and sponsorship

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by Kathryn Starke

Amy's Travels is a multicultural children's book that teaches the culture, diversity, and geography of our world. Based on a true story, Amy's Travels is the first children's picture book to teach the seven continents.

View sample pages from Amy's Travels (pdf, 1.5MB)

Download Amy's Travels Book Guide (pdf, 60KB)

  • Amy's Travels can be found in schools, libraries, and homes on six continents!
  • Bulk Rate Available: perfect for class sets or small group instruction
  • Adapted into a musical performance by the Latin Ballet of Virginia


by Laura Jacobson, Illustrated by Michael Garland

Follow a shy, young boy on an uplifting journey that teaches the importance of confidence and recognition of inner-strength even in the most overwhelming situations. While his “magic” thumb is a source of comfort in his childhood, his grandmother transforms his thumb-sucking into a unique learning experience. As the boy grows older, he faces new obstacles and slowly begins to realize the power of his own inner-strength that was there all along. The Boy with the Magic Thumb is the perfect story for parents looking to teach their kids about the magic of self- confidence that is always within them.

Learn more and order today at www.lauraajacobson.com


by Dr. Sharon Gaston and Richard Halttunen

Ted the Turtle searches for the perfect home after his habitat has been polluted. He explores where ants, squirrels, and other animals live in nature. This children's book exposes children to environmental issues, such as turtle conservation, ecosystems, and litter prevention.

  • Recognized as a Nature Appreciation title by Skipping Stones Magazine
  • Named an environmental read by Virginia Naturally

For ordering information on Turtle Without a Home, please visit their website at www.turtlewithoutahome.com


Learn more about the Two Mice travel series by visiting www.2-mice.com


by Donna Dalton, Illustrated by David Pfendler

A mouse has never visited the top of the Eiffel Tower, let alone two mice. Join Azura and Afrodille as they take a special tour of Paris, France. Azura and Afrodille create a plan to see the entire city from the top of the famous landmark, but will it actually work? Enjoy an adventure that incorporates communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration skills.


by Donna Dalton, Illustrated by David Pfendler

Enjoy an adventure that takes the two mice from Paris to London to visit the famous sights of Big Ben, The London Eye, and Buckingham Palace.  The two mice are reunited with Madame Bella and have a secret plan to meet the Queen. How will the mice get beyond the guards who protect the Queen’s palace to finally meet her?


by Donna Dalton, Illustrated by David Pfendler

The star to the New York Rockefeller Christmas Tree is missing. Visitors come from all over the world to see the tree, and without the star, it will not be the same. Join two French mice, Azura and Afrodille, as they map out a plan in New York City to search for the missing star.


by Donna Dalton, Illustrated by David Pfendler

The iconic African Baobab tree, also known as the "tree of life," is withering away. From the rich fruit to the dense bark, every part of the tree is a valuable resource for Africa's people and animals. Azura and Afrodille, two adventurous French mice, and Madame Bella embark on a safari adventure to learn more about the African landscape and native animals. Along the way, the three travelers meet Africa's BIG FIVE animals, who lead them to the withering Baobab tree. What magical powers will the animals use to bring the Baobab tree back to life?


by Donna Dalton, Illustrated by David Pfendler

Hop on a tour bus with two mice, Afrodille, Azura, and Madame Bella, as they visit the Emerald Isle of Ireland. Enjoy the adventures as the two mice search for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Will the two mice meet a leprechaun along their travels? And will the two mice find the mysterious pot of gold? Readers of all ages will not want to miss this adventure filled with facts and fiction to learn more about Ireland's legacy and legends.


by Donna Dalton, Illustrated by David Pfendler

Enjoy a delicious adventure as Azura and Afrodille travel around the European country of Italy.  They enter a unique food competition requiring them to use communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and knowledge of Italian culture!  Will the two mice win the competition?   Readers of all ages will not want to miss this tasty title filled with facts and fiction to learn all about Italy’s history and culture.