Impact of Kathryn Starke, Creative Minds Publications, LLC

We combine our effective and motivating tools, tricks, and techniques in literacy education to match the language arts program or curriculum of any classroom, school, or district.

  • Provided literacy coaching throughout the year for a school that went from “accredited with warning” to fully accredited in one school year
  • Trained teachers at multiple schools on how to effectively provide differentiated reading instruction based on any program that led to at least 80% of children in the school to increase at least one year’s growth in reading
  • Trained 80+ VCU AmeriCorps members to serve 1,000 Richmond Public School K-3 children. A majority of the students increase their reading grade level on post-tests
  • Trained a faculty of PreK-5 that became the #1 ranking school in their network in reading scores
  • Increased a school’s reading standardized test scores by 14% in one school year
  • Provided direct daily small group reading intervention to children K-5, which resulted in 100% of children reading below grade level to increase at least one year’s growth
  • Increased a school from 67% to 98% of 4th and 5th graders reading on grade level in one year
  • Increased every subgroup (grade level, female, ELL, and economically disadvantaged) of a school's reading standardized test scores by at least 10 points in one school year
  • Increased teacher retention in an inner-city elementary school by 29%
  • Provided literacy instruction that resulted in a third grade class with a 100% pass rate on the Virginia SOL standardized test
  • Created a third grade reading lab, in which 83% of the 80 students enrolled passed statewide standardized reading assessments for the first time of their educational career
  • Developed and presented "Teaching with Trade Books", which has since been implemented in elementary schools across the country
  • Created Tackle Reading, a book, educational tour, and movement dedicated to improve illiteracy in the US with a focus on providing quality urban literacy education in inner-city elementary schools nationwide


I have come to know Miss Starke as an extraordinary teacher.  She is one of the very best classroom instructors that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  Her creative and innovative instructional techniques coupled with her devotion to each and every one of her students set her apart as an elite reading teacher.  This instructional prowess coupled with her expertise and training in reading makes her the ideal literacy coach for any school or district..
- Matt Maher, Principal, Chesterfield County Public Schools

I was absolutely thrilled to learn that my former colleague, Kathryn Starke, would be working at my school as a literacy coach.  Having observed Ms. Starke both formally and informally, she builds positive relationships with students and staff, using the latest instructional techniques to teach students various reading strategies.  The programs she has implemented and curriculum she has developed help to reach reluctant readers and create a school community of readers.  Our teachers have developed a trusting relationship with Kathryn and are willing to implement her suggestions based on her successful experiences teaching reading.  It is evident that her non-judgmental approach and desire to always do what is best for kids is a winning combination.  Ms. Starke’s dedication to literacy makes her an ideal coach for any school or district.
- Jana Kline, Assistant Principal, Chesterfield County Public Schools

Our school had the pleasure of having Kathryn Starke serve as a literacy coach to support teaching and learning.  I was immediately impressed by Ms. Starke’s knowledge of best practices, keen eye for trends in data, and positive attitude.  Ms. Starke quickly established rapport with all staff members, and they were eager to work with her as she demonstrates a passion for teaching literacy, flexibility to meet the needs of our particular students and teachers, and a desire to work alongside the teachers to improve our instruction.  When working with teams, Ms. Starke assisted with instructional planning, analyzing data, creating assessments, observations, and providing meaningful feedback.  Ms. Starke was an active listener and strategically selected areas of focus for continued growth.  Our staff enjoyed working with Ms. Starke, and our students’ learning improved as a result of our work together!.
- Amy Crenshaw, Principal, Chesterfield County Schools

Kathryn Starke inspires me to challenge my students to come up with fun and exciting lesson for them.  I’m sad our time with her has come to an end, but I am happy that I now have so many tools to take into my classroom.  Kathryn has taught me to be more patient with my students and to embrace each and every one of their strengths and challenges.  Kathryn Starke is living proof that passionate teachers exist.  Her enthusiasm for teaching is contagious.  I always look forward to her training sessions and gained a lot from everything she generously shared with us.  I have never met anyone more passionate about education and the lives of every individual child.
- VCU Americorps Members